Graeme McDowell Withdraws From British Open Qualifier After Airline Loses Clubs

Without exemption into the British Open, Graeme McDowell needed to qualify for the 3rd major of the year. Something he was set to do today, that is until the airline he flew lost his clubs. 

McDowell was set to fly in Sunday, a couple days early for his Tuesday qualifier. When he landed, he realized that his clubs didn't. Yesterday, he sent out a plea to the airline looking for help with his clubs:  

He gave up the fight last night after getting nowhere:

Talk about calm, cool, and collected. If that was me, I would have been a total rage monster demanding my clubs to be found. GMac probably could have played with a set right off the shelf, but your clubs are your clubs and you know exactly how far you hit each club. Graeme addressed that very thought process: 

This is why I am terrified to fly with my clubs, I would really consider buying a seat for my clubs and letting them ride next to me the whole way down. Why not? Graeme bit the bullet and decided to forgo the qualifier and will attempt to get in via the Scottish Open and the Irish Open. 

Best of luck, hate to see that happen to anyone. Hopefully he gets his sticks back.

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