Tiger Showed Up To The Open With KT Tape On His Neck And Broke The Internet

Tiger Woods showed up at Carnoustie moments ago for The Open Championship and has already broken the Internet before he hit his first tee shot.

Below you'll see video of Tiger on the driving range with KT Tape on the back of his neck looking like some sort of robot:

It appears he may have slept a little awkwardly last night or something but when Tiger shows up with KT Tape on his neck, it breaks the Internet (twitter is pretty much just a bunch of this:

I'm not concerned, just precautionary. KT Tape doesn't necessarily mean injury, KT Tape will just help with a neck that may not be 100% loose. His camp already confirmed that this is nothing.


See, everything is fine and dandy, no cause for concern, now let's all sit back and watch this man shoot a nice little 66 today. Keep your composure 


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